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I walk to the sound of my own drum

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Birthdate:Jul 31, 1980
Location:Wichita, Kansas, United States of America

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[community profile] iam the Mary Anne Spier of Dreamwidth.

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1920's, 1960's, 1980's, alias, alton brown, amber heard, animals, anthony bourdain, argentina, astrology, astronomy, autumn, benedict cumberbatch, betty white, birds, books, bookstores, buffy the vampire slayer, california diaries, candles, carrie preston, castle, cats, cheese, christina ricci, classic television, cold case, community, corsets, craig ferguson, creativity, criminal minds, danny pudi, darren criss, deb caletti, depeche mode, dick van dyke, doctor who, dogs, equality, fashion, fiction, firefly, florence + the machine, forbidden love, france, franz ferdinand, friends, ghosts, gilles marini, gillian jacobs, halloween, inspiration, interior design, jim parsons, josh groban, julie andrews, karen gillan, kris holden-reid, kristen bell, ksenia solo, lana del rey, law and order: criminal intent, lila fowler, lois & clark: the new adventures of superman, longmire, lost girl, magic, mary anne spier, michael emerson, morbidda destiny, music, mysteries, mythbusters, nancy drew, nathan fillion, nature, ncis, nebulae, neil patrick harris, nighttime, notebooks, older men, owls, pens, person of interest, photography, pretty hair, pretty things, procrastination, prompts, pushing daisies, rachel maddow, reading, sarah dessen, scarecrow and mrs. king, sherlock, spain, spring, stars, stoneybrook, sweet valley, sweet valley high, the airborne toxic event, the baby-sitters club, the glades, the good wife, the hunger games, the lizzie bennet diaries, the pierces, the ship, tin man, top shot, trance, troian bellisario, unconventional relationships, used bookstores, veronica mars, victorian houses, weezer, wicca, witches, wolves, words, writing
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